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Certified DOULA from the Full Moon Center

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DOULA Certified, I accompany you and guide your steps in your parenthood project from conception to your baby's 40th day.

Whether you are alone or in a couple, this great adventure deserves support, accompaniment, gentleness and discernment in order to be reinforced in your powers as parents.

I will be the one who watches, the one who informs, the one who encourages, the one who relaxes with love bringing back in consciousness the serenity in your space of co-creation until the arrival of your jewel.

Experiencing pregnancy together! Marry your powers! Bring forth the parents you trust!

Hiring a DOULA has a very positive impact on many levels within a couple, a family... as the well-being it brings is felt on a physical and psychological level. For good reason, its global support open to the entire sphere around pregnancy and birth allows each movement to be walked smoothly with moreease in welcoming, learning and self-discovery in order to be born into parenthood (Matrescence and patrescent: period of transformation of becoming a mother, becoming a father)  devoid of all fears.   The physical support provided by the DOULA allows thebody to experience each change aided and supported by different relief tools and techniques. Its psychological (emotional) support calms doubts and silences tensions for greater lightness and confidence in the process that pregnancy provokes. L'childbirth and postpartum, 

She guides, she supports, she envelopes in gentleness, she listens and remains objective, she accompanies each movement with delicacy, discernment and kindness to bring appeasement and clarity step by step in the face of each present and future situation.

During each ordeal of life we all need a being who will be able to find the words that will resonate in our heart, this is also why a DOULA can accompany the hard times that a woman is led to experience such as abortion, IMG, perinatal bereavement.

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"I inform you that my role as a DOULA in no way replaces gynecological, medical and midwifery follow-up. My support brings kindness and respect to the process that you are experiencing by having me at your side."


​Being accompanied by a DOULA means -60% request for an epidural, -50% cesarean sections performed, -40% synthetic oxytocin injection, -30% use of forceps and a -25% reduction in the duration of childbirth.



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