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A huge THANK YOU to the entire team at the tourist office for their friendliness, professionalism and support.

The establishment of this partnership is a huge and bright opportunity for sharing allowing the Gîte "Claie Des Lys" and the center "Claie Des Sens" to lovingly deploy the art of communicating, sharing, exchanging, welcome and make flourish a space where nature rejuvenates, energizes and invites to well-being...

Many thanks to the CAP CADEAU team for setting up and managing gift vouchers on their platform. Speed, professionalism and friendliness are your watchwords. The efficiency of your team is a precious present, allowing you to offer services conscientiously and with love.


The association was founded on August 28, 2013, I wanted to join the movement to eliminate violence against women.

To make myself useful in terms of lived experiences, as to the difficulties that each woman experience in the face of these abominations, to bring their voice to humanity in reality.

It is an association of support, accompaniment and defense of women's rights.

"Woman for Life" was created to restore equality between men and women, to assert the rights of all, so that each one regains her autonomy, her vital balance in order to live in dignity and respect.

Every woman has the right to exist, to live as such.

Every woman is a pillar of our world.

Every woman has the right to respect in order to live out her femininity with dignity.

Our role is to work for peace,

we are on the move for the respect of women's rights and non-violence!

It is within the hospital that the association that I founded was born, that my writings came to life and that I shared without shame or taboo the pains of others.

Supported, accompanied and encouraged, I thank Mr. TESSEIDRE Olivier and the whole administrative team for the elaboration and development of our partnership.

Humanity, psychological and physical health are the key words here for the well-being of any being in otherness!

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