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Conscious care

You have made the decision to travel within yourself and not to take any detours.
It is a gesture of love towards you-love me!
A choice as to the step we take towards SELF!

Your soul is waiting to dance the freedom in welcoming and the lightness of being...

Our meeting, your journey will be organized with accuracy according to the voice of your soul.

Consciously, from discovery, to welcoming the balance of your being as a whole, we will delicately walk your multidimensionality.

Dare and come connect, Re-connect your magnificence in order to let spring what in you only asks to be recognized, invigorated, illuminated, in order to overcome and transcend the blockages, ancestral memories, traumas that paralyze you preventing you from realizing yourself. and co-create.
You hold within you a jewel, a casket containing your own light. Believe in
  is your first step towards recognizing who you really are!
Decide here and now to vibrate your essence, to perfect your ancestry!

You alone hold the key to your destiny.
Come gain confidence, preside over your being, assert yourself in order to fully live your being.

It is time to welcome you, to consciously live your presence, your true SELF, your splendor manifested, considered and deployed.

Come free your cellular and transgenerational memories in order to exist free in the presence of your liberated soul.

Dare to embody your authentic being on all planes of consciousness!



      The Heaven-essence tool for my sacred arts is none other than myself through my voice, my heart of light, my      

      hands, the instantaneous connections to the higher planes, my sacred instruments which over the years offer themselves to        me thus aligning my treatments with multidimensional vibrational frequencies with accuracy and delicacy, at the           present at all times.

      Each session is lived in the individuality of what we are with respect, in the universal union that         connects us.


          - Journey-care in a modified state of consciousness in collaboration with your guides, your humanity...(Healing body-heart-            mind, release of memories, realignment of your frequencies, harmonization of energy centers...)

          -  Initiation and accompaniment of the being in welcoming its hidden beauty

          - Harmonization of the sacred feminine and masculine under all planes of consciousness.

          - Extraction, Purification, Reliance, Anchoring.       

          - Personal messages to your soul (Direct Connection  to  higher planes, I deliver to you in conscience the messages which are addressed to you...)

          - Elevation of the soul (mindfulness meditation, visualization, materialization...) by the voice of the soul.

          - Blessing of the uterus (healing care of memories and disorders of the sacred feminine...)  

          - Oracles, adapted to the needs of the soul on the present moment,

          - Workshops, internships, retreats in the universal art of co-creating and vibrating your wholeness as a whole (in groups or in                    individual).  



"Claie Des Sens"

By appointment only

from Monday to Sunday


Tel: 07 88 26 52 30

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Tomorrow it will be too late to live today ... !!!

I only work by appointment.

You have the possibility to contact me

via mail:

and by phone: 07 88 26 52 30

So we can organize the most suitable time for your consultation.


Remote consultation
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