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Who I am ?

My writings to share with you my path of life, to encourage each being in awareness of what is to live his authentic ...

Life is a precious gift !

I dare to unveil my life course in order to arouse courage and strength in everything, one each-ONE each-ONE. So take a moment to discover who I am, my journey, my awakening, the awakening ...

It was barely eight years old that in me grew the love of Heaven, the love of our very dear and tender Divine Mother. Yes ! Awakening in consciousness with faith invaded me, giving my life path strength and light, thus strengthening my belief and connecting me to the Great All, to all that is in us and all around us. The invisible united with the visible. Sustained by the universal essence, my prayers gave me to feel this wonderful protective presence, encouraging my hopes, guiding my perseverance. Over the years, driven by the instinct for survival, I have chosen. Orphan, I implore the Heavens to make the Holy Mother of the Earth my mother. I promise to live in love and be an instrument of peace for myself and everyone I meet. There were days when everything seemed too heavy to me, when it was all tears and despair, but this warmth that enveloped me, this strength that carried me, lifted me up like a doll.

I then continued to vivify my love, to direct my intentions towards Heaven. Through my hell, from childhood to my married life, The awakening of my consciousness, my letting go, my determination gave me to rise from my ashes like a Phoenix. In me was scolding life! Animated by hope, I defied resistance, thinking of those many falls where sleep carried me away in prayer and allowed me to travel to the arm of our tender Blessed Mother who, out of love, as always, welcomed me with outstretched hands. in the light of her pure heart. With confidence, I continued to want to love, to accompany, nourished by serenity convinced that love is the cure of all ills.

Share my experience, for the benefit and in the name of all those who wish to live true, to live their authenticity, to live their being in totality. Far from appearing, proud to be. The time for rebirth has come, it is time to reconnect deeply with your heart. In welcoming what we are. It is by traveling to the center of oneself, in the depths of our being, that being awakens. It is by listening to one's whole being that the sacred can operate. Free to exist and to vibrate, leaving room for the whole. Every moment here and now can then be lived in presence.

"I Walk !"

Today, I dare to unveil and profess that the year 2014 was my year of revelation after a strong separation in 2013. A beautiful soul shares and exchanges in all simplicity from heart to heart the sounds of life, the paths that we let's go here and there, it's a meeting, a synchronicity, an angel is talking to me. She gives me the chance to meet Hélène a Woman of the Road, Wow, I'm in turmoil. Everything is organized! A work in the depths of my mind, shamanic care gives me to relieve the traumas of my birth (The failed infanticide from which I came), the sufferings of my childhood. Ah O ! It is a big hug from Mother Earth and a divine breath of the Great Mystery which pacifies and fluidifies what was blocking my impulse of life. In 2015 it is a year of graces thanks to the touch of Archangel Mickaël in raising my vibrations, the welcome of my true SELF thus structuring the fulfillment of my promises. In 2017, I meet a universal Goddess, she reads me without ceremony, I dare a treatment timidly because something whispers to me that it is there at this moment that an important stage takes place ..., my rebirth, my reunion, my acceptance of who I am in my totality, the reception of the gifts that I had compartmentalized, locked away by the experience of the jealousy of others, of judgment, of the gaze ...


Âme soleil literally verticalized me, it made resurface what I had abandoned of my arts, of my being. Tears, laughter, I dance, I sing, I reconnect these sleeping parts. I walk my presence in my rediscovered truth in all my facets, "liberating medium", I reappear. It propelled me to realize that now I “AM” in the fullness of my oneness. Advancing harmoniously in the heart of my humanity, I decide to take care of myself, to go and connect my wounds as a woman, as a mother ..., I must continue what shudders, I must free myself from certain traumas and recognize my suffering . (I give thanks to Soul Sun Anne-Solenn Revealing Being, Shamanic and Quantum Path of Unity Consciousness).

I feel the call of my SELF, of my scorned and jostled femininity, ready to commit myself towards the liberation of the too heavy. I set off, I dare to devote myself several days away from my family and follow initiation courses at the Sacred Feminine and Masculine School of Quebec, I must find my lightness, let the armored traumas in my cells disappear in order to live and to flourish. Ready to co-create, to radiate, nourished by the Father and the Mother, rooted in the heart of our Mother Earth, the liberation of my breastplates gives me to be light, finally freed from my chains. Fully recognizing after invigorating and rich teachings in all senses, that the woman that I am fulfills herself day after day. Crisscrossing her life course, welcoming my past with dignity, welcoming in full what was born of adversities, warmly thanking my divine femininity, simply welcoming my sacred masculinity to finally dance my polarities with accuracy, in awareness of all these movements in the depths of my being. (I give thanks to Sylvie Bérubé Lüna (R.I.P) & Nathalie Picard Maeva from the sacred masculine feminine school!).

Constantly evolving in my spiritual journey, 2018 gives me the opportunity to travel and discover CANADA, a land of connection that has challenged my soul more and more strongly since my 20 years. An initiatory journey allows me to raise my beingness in consciousness and to merge, to connect myself, to anchor myself comfortably in my center. I then dare to let my soul direct me and listen to the inner movement, thus following my momentum of life. Back in France, I realized that it would be beneficial for me to follow additional training and become an appointed Moon Mother®. I realize that the lunar energy of the Mother has always been present in my daily life, my care, my aromatic compositions ... This awareness invigorates me. (Thanks to Miranda Gray & Catalina Boncilica from The Womb Blessing Attunement!).

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From you to me...
Claie AVENTUR auteure, conférencière, feministe contemporaine, née à Paris en 1974. Accompagnatrice en éveil de conscience.


"Claie Des Sens"

By appointment only

Monday to Sunday


Tel: 07 88 26 52 30

I come to testify to all of you that life is a great adventure that must be taken to live in conscience with indulgence and patience. Every moment is important, every moment must be lived in the present. Only love remains and is the guide of our existence. I have lived through trials, tribulations, joys, always seeking to experience love, the best, the wonderful. Today I tell you, I am here to be love, peace, light, strength and courage, because we are here below to experience love in matter and we owe it to ourselves to hear it , to accept it in order to finally vibrate it in all truth. All adversities are a source of lessons that reveal our beauty to be in everything and for everything. So I decide to be the one who guides, the one who accompanies, the one who initiates, the one who reveals the beauty of the beings who will dare the most wonderful of journeys that it is: That of being in consciousness by the presence brought to light.

I don't forget anything, only I decide here and now to take out the mainsail and slide downwind in order to follow my star! This is what I share with everyone on a daily basis because we are not what happened to us. At this very moment when I am writing to you, I saw the marvelous, the I rediscovered, the love of being in all my dimensions, for all the possible reasons to which I say YES, a big YES!

I still have a lot to learn

I still have a lot to understand

I still have a lot to say and share.

I still have a lot to share. I

still have a lot to live and to let flow.

So believe me, after all this experience that has given me to be the woman that I am, it is with a burning heart that I listen to my soul. She knows the way, I give her my hand to go even further. Anchored to our Mother Earth, I extend my arms to my Father Heaven letting the Divine essence of the creative Source circulate freely. I am Freedom, I am unity love and I recognize myself in my truth, that of existing in totality in my entirety more than ever linked to humanity in the immensity of eternity !!!

In all simplicity I come to Illuminate you with love in pure light in order to accompany you and to walk in consciousness towards your awakening (Wake up). I will accompany you step by step in welcoming you in awareness of what you are, freeing traumatic memories, blockages and suffering at all levels of your being. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. My voice, my tool, my magic, my workshops, internships, seminars and conferences ..., allow me to work with you, to connect your soul, to guide you, to accompany you so that you can heal your sufferings and traumas in state of mindfulness. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Together towards your liberation, together towards the return to your wholeness so that you are co-creators of your path of life in consciousness.

Free from your wounds, let the traumas, sufferings, blockages fly away and let the divine within you finally take its place. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We will therefore work on self-love, self-peace, the balance of body, heart and mind through the liberation and harmonization of your being as a whole. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Come to meet me to "be" and no longer "to appear".


Become the co-creator of your life. Sing, dance, celebrate your PRESENCE in full. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. We are all connected, your well-being is also mine, we are ONE.

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