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Holistic Therapist, Medium, Initiator and accompanist of the being in its multidimensional globality, Channeling, artist of the soul, ferryman of souls, Certified Moon Mother®, Reiki Master, Woman committed to myself and within the humanity. In consciousness, my care of reconnection of harmonization, expansion and grounding are offered in presence or at a distance. Liberation from trauma, suffering, blockages, limiting thought forms, so that each being rises in awareness of his divine presence in the harmony and balance of the divine feminine and masculine, thus pacifying the multifdimensional source energy for more fluidity in his bodies in order to fully experience his ascension, thus welcoming life in all its splendor with the infinite power of love. President and founder of the association FEMME POUR LA VIE my commitment to eliminate violence against women since 2013 responds to the call of humanity in the face of abominations, feminicides and the reestablishment of gender equality in the world. equity by highlighting the complementarity if we can live in safety in the recognition of each and everyone.

My dream: "to see our humanity radiate peace where each and everyone would be free to exist in their divine and sacred entirety". In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


To this day, through my life course, my travels, my journey in presence, the birth of each ONE of my children, I continue my existence with all the love that it is given to me to be and to shine. This challenging but also edifying journey is a source of lessons, filled with pure liberating and benefactor light until it vibrates alongside my Twin Flame. Desiring to participate in the universal movement of elevation, reunification and harmonization of all beings. I work in consciousness in expanding who I am.

I DARE MY ENTIRETY, I DARE LOVE because we are love in matter.

It is given to us to think, to carry out, to build and to elevate each action which we carry out with accuracy, faith and pugnacity in order to reveal ourselves to our original beauty. It is hand in hand, with love again and again that we can lead humanity in consciousness to healing in the raising of consciousness in the love of all spaces while respecting all lives, so dare to welcome yourself and say you a big YES! In addition to this, you need to know more about it. I address myself to girls, women, sons and men all over the world, I ask all to live in awareness in the opening of the heart, to open up to you and to expand the sacred beyond - beyond in the infinite immensity that we are. Wake up, listen to your emotions and your feelings. The reality is beyond you and yet it is beautiful and well the magic acting under all planes of consciousness every moment. Let the sacred energy flow that only asks to be expressed, dare to welcome yourself with FAITH in the presence of who you really are. Take the time to observe, listen to your soul, to inner movements so as to follow your surge of life.

Together we ARE and it is together that we will be able to lead humanity towards peace in the love of each other, in the recognition of our multidimensionality. I am who I am, you are who you are, we are a ! Let us teach each other to live in love, respect, otherness, peace and light so that here below on our Mother Earth and throughout the whole universe resonate our sorority, our brotherhood, our sacred arts, our splendor. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. I invite you to browse the pages of my site to discover my sacred arts, my workshop treatments (in groups or individually), my writings as well as my public events ... I send you all my gratitude with all my love in the light of my heart.

Claie AVENTUR Auteure conférencière accompagnatrice en éveil de conscience


Monday to Saturday by appointment only.


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