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Travel Travel...


Stop running and fidgeting.

Make time for yourself!

These days are an invitation to travel to the heart of your being.

Come learn to understand yourself and recognize yourself in your values.

Come welcome you and refocus in your bodies.

We will walk together gently step by step so that your true being awakens and vibrates in its unfolding greatness.

It's a moment that belongs to you and that calls for your full attention.

Come find your arts in the sacred that YOU are.

These days of sharing and exchanges in awareness of your essence, of what lies dormant in you are to be lived in the welcome of providence, according to your openness, your feelings, your truth.

From practical work to discussions, from taking notes to listening, I will guide you step by step.

Each day has its dynamics in the conviviality and the opening of the heart, to reconnect with oneself, to anchor and thus deploy its full potential.

Come share your experiences and invigorate your knowledge, gain confidence, preside over your entirety...

The objective is to come out of it conscious, invigorated, enlightened, to be globally well anchored, in the union of the visible with the invisible, walking all possible.  

*My books, consecrated objects (Talismans, Yonis...) and handicrafts are on sale on site.


inspires love...

A conference filled with exchanges and clarity...


Author of novels and collections of autobiographical poetry, my life path, my journey, testify to resilience, to my faith in love, until my R-awakening, my recognition in the presence.

In all humility, come and recharge your batteries, fill yourself up, welcome you in these moments of sharing, in the simplicity of being.

*My books, consecrated objects and handicrafts are on sale on site.

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