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My writings...

Extract from published works ..., for the pleasure of discovering ...


Coming out of duality,

here she is awake,

ready to be realized.

She walks,

like a dragonfly.

Light but also warlike,

it's his determination

that keeps him away from illusion.

In full consciousness,

she advances and dashes off.

Her femininity is heightened.

She finally found the key

of her sacred femininity.

Her liberated sensuality,

she savor with love

what in her slept day after day.

Free to be,

to no longer appear,

she unfolds without ceremony,

his being with passion.

Faced with its authenticity,

she can get excited

in order to deify

what was given to him.

Whole woman,

She finally fully unites with the universe.

She can be proud of it!

Collection: ONE STEP AT A TIME (Published in November 2015).

Strokes & injuries

When we met,

we couldn't stop laughing.

We spent our time loving each other

in the eyes of the whole world.

The days went by,

we ignited.

You looked at me tenderly,

we took the time

to be passionately lovers.

My galloping heart

did not expect hammer blows,

because for me, you were the most beautiful.

Then the violence started,

our couple was losing momentum,

of this beautiful dance.

Darkness has become your ally,

I couldn't talk to you anymore

without being insulted and humiliated.

Your overflows accompanied by howls,

made me want to run away.

You always managed to hold me back

giving me a beautiful smile.

I couldn't hold back my tears anymore

in front of you, I had no more weapons.

The pains reached me in the heart,

I lived far from happiness,

the very one we promised ourselves,

because I was overcome by denial.

All those punches

which I did not understand anything,

left your mark,

menacing, heavy and bloody.

The bruises made a ghost of me

I no longer dreamed of our kingdom.

Abandoned by my body,

I saw death coming.

Was this my fate?

No, I was wrong!

Cause you had no respect

for the woman that I was.

Now the damage is done!

Collection: BEYOND ME! (Published in May 2015).

My move

It is a period of change that is emerging, my move is getting organized, after a week full of emotions, I must continue to prepare Aurélie's children for my departure.

I love them so much, I would like my departure to go smoothly and especially without crying.

So as not to disturb them, I take my things little by little and start sleeping in the apartment on the nights when Aurélie is not working.

It is a real pleasure for me to realize that I am at home, a little nest that I set up calmly with enthusiasm and pride.

It is nice to be in front of this door every time I decide to spend time in my apartment.

This emotion so intense as to use my bunch of keys, my keys to enter and savor the fact of having finally arrived.

I am autonomous, responsible and against all expectations, my grandmother's wishes will not be granted today or tomorrow, I continue on my way by trusting my destiny ...

Novel: MY FIGHT (Published in April 2015)

Photo credit: @Claire ZOMBAS


Because life is a precious gift,

Because love is the key word,

I move smoothly towards peace,

My inner self is awakening and my being

everything speaks with time,

the present tense,

the time to come, without pretense.

Forged by my past,

I came to accept who I am

Completely in complete freedom.

Proud of my roots, my colored skin

sapodilla sparkles under the sun of my island.

Nourished, grown up, life smiles on me.

I pugnaciously brandish the sword of

freedom to assert equality.

Here I am pure and hard, clamoring loud and clear

That my life, my femininity, my desires,

Will take place in this atmosphere,

no one to silence me !!!

Collection: SOUFFLE DE VIE (Published in June 2014)

Photo credit: @Claie AVENTUR

Survival instinct

Here I am in phase.

I am thirteen years old, I am making my plans.

Facing myself, facing life, facing my future, facing what life can offer me.

I did not decide to agree with my executioner, my grandmother.

I don't trust myself, but I trust life.

I am a college student, I have friends, I have a life outside this house, a life full of love, friendships and kindness.

In college I meet beautiful people, and so as not to draw attention to my situation, I adorned myself with a pretty mask.

I am full of life, full of laughter.

I have goals and I have to stick to them.

I like to dance, sing, have fun.

Music accompanies me in all my torments, it is present in me at all times, it is my symphony.

Most of my friends don't know my story, it would be a nightmare ...

Novel: L'INFANTICIDE RATE (Published in December 2013)

Photo credit: @Claire ZOMBAS

My fortress

I who believed, I who wanted.

A fortress I was building, a fortress I was building.

Like an army, I put everything on its feet.

For love all around, I didn't want to take any detour.

My fortress I was building without laziness.

My fortress I organized because I loved you.

I, who only saw my passion on the horizon, locked myself in total derision.

I rubbed shoulders with perdition in a thousand and one ways.

An escape, an explosion, in the illusion.

An eruption like a volcano froze me violently.

My fortress had become the distressed dome of a life full of drought.

I who waited desperately, I who wanted you so much.

I saw no problem there, I let the time run.

I tripped, I collapsed, then I got up.

As adornment, I chose the will, thus adorned, I put myself in advance.

With wisdom, I contemplated my fortress, I felt a lot of sadness.

I then abandoned all my weaknesses inside.

I closed it again, walled it in on all sides and finally threw away the key.

I feel freed from this unfinished love, which I was the only one to stir up.

Collection: DIARY OF A MOTHER (Published in June 2013)

Photo credit: @Claie AVENTUR

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